Understanding and appreciating the value of your possessions is very important for many reasons. GPH offers USPAP-compliant appraisals you can trust.

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Photographic Services

Photographic materials, such as prints, negatives, or slides, are among our most precious and delicate belongings. GPH can help you protect and reproduce your cherished images so they may be enjoyed for generations.

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Estate Sales

Estate sales can be daunting and time-consuming.  Let GPH handle the nuts and bolts of your estate sale to get the best return for your belongings.

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Document Preservation

Documents can be important keepsakes for our personal histories, as well as the histories of our families. Old birth certificates, letters, and other paper items require care. GPH is experienced in the safe handling and preservation of delicate items.

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Consulting Services

Our staff can provide consultation regarding safe storage and handling of your precious items.  GPH can also assist you in the selling of your items through Ebay.

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Archival Services

Everyone collects numerous papers, whether it be business paperwork or personal correspondence... or scraps gathered over the course of a lifetime. GPH can organize these materials and make them usable and protected.

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About Great Plains Heritage

People love stuff. Whether it be old or new, beautiful or utilitarian, we all collect lots of stuff over the years.  Great Plains Heritage (GPH) provides the services and know-how to help you protect, preserve, and evaluate your beloved items.

Most of us own objects that we want to keep safe forever. Sometimes, unfortunately, the time comes for us to part with these items. GPH can provide a very high level of expertise and advice so you can care for or sell your items with confidence. Services are available at rates which are affordable and reasonable.

GPH serves the Fargo, ND area. We can travel to many locations in the region for a reasonable fee.

Great Plains Heritage is a proud member of the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo Chamber of Commerce.