Our Mission

Great Plains Heritage has several goals in mind. First and foremost, is a commitment to honest service at a reasonable price. Honesty is crucial, particularly as the customer deserves trustworthy service when dealing with heirlooms. The greatest precautions are taken to ensure transparency and care. Pricing is important because we believe that these services need to be brought to the public, services that have, oftentimes, been cost prohibitive for many projects. Another important goal of Great Plains Heritage is to educate you about preservation, so that you can have the tools to keep your unique and precious history safe and secure.

About Zach Jendro

Hey there. Thank you for checking out this page. I am excited to, hopefully, get to help you with your heritage needs. I have always had a love of old stuff. I love the stories they tell. Holding an old item is truly like putting yourself back in time, for a split second. Those feelings of nostalgia and curiosity are important, especially for our families. Our family heirlooms tell the history of ourselves.

I graduated from NDSU with a degree in public history, which encompasses museum and archival work. During my studies, I realized that these services needed to be made available to the general public because a person's personal history is just as important to them as anything in a museum. I have been lucky enough to work with many institutions and private businesses performing historical work, with a focus on archival work, as well as archival photography. I wish to combine the abilities I had gained from years of collecting and evaluating objects with the formal skills I have acquired through education. I hope to be able to use my skills to help individuals, private businesses, and organizations. Thank you very much!