Archival services are a very specific, yet invaluable, resource that can be utilized by businesses or individuals. The main objective of an archivist is to organize, preserve, and make usable documents or records. Large collections and small groupings both benefit from archiving. A good example might be a collection of family records (old letters, birth certificates, etc.).

Businesses, which sometimes collect years worth of records, could find many uses for archival services. A main benefit of archiving is gaining a renewed use out of items which may have unusable. Digitization, through scanning and optical character recognition, turns paper documents into text-searchable digital files which can now be emailed, posted online, or stored on a flash drive.

Another aspect of the archivist's work is preservation. All documents are stored in folders and containers which limit any damage to the originals, extending their life for generations. Archiving offers an almost unlimited set of options for storing, preserving, and using paper documents and records.