Estate sales are the liquidation of the personal property of an individual or family. Sometimes, the personal property of an individual is no longer required, or perhaps, a move into a smaller home might necessitate "getting rid of some stuff."

The first step of an estate sale is a valuation of the contents of the home, usually involving a walk through, followed by a basic inventory and valuation of the objects. Then, a sale is arranged for members of the public. This usually occurs at the home.

GPH can provide trustworthy valuation of your items to prepare them for the sale. We can organize the sale and advertise (online, in print, signage) for you. GPH will also facilitate the sale by acting as the cashier and bookkeeper. These services are designed to make this process as stress-free the client as possible, for often times the circumstances surrounding estate sales can be stressful enough. Estate sales through GPH are professional and transparent, ensuring that the client is treated with respect throughout the process.