How much do your services cost?

Because the needs of each client are unique,  prices vary from job to job. However, a minimum charge for our services is $50.

Can you give appraisals or valuations through email?

Yes. Appraisals can be performed, with adequate photographs, through email. But, an appraisal would be more accurate when an item is examined in person.

How does an appraisal work?

The format and scope of an appraisal can vary from situation to situation. Most appraisals consist of an examination of the object(s) and several photographs would be taken. Also, as much information about the items would be gathered in a short Q&A session with the client. Then, research about the item is performed, at our office. A report that includes a detailed valuation and a certified letter is submitted back to the client, via email or post.

I have lots of old boxes of family photos. What can you do with them?

A work plan for a collection of photos might look like:

  1. The photos would be removed from any containers or storage that would cause damage (such as old sticky-page albums or scotch tape).
  2. The photos would be organized into some basic frame of arrangement, usually by date or subject.
  3. A basic inventory of the photos would be prepared, along with a short report that records any relevant information, such as family history or dates.
  4. Some (or all) of the photographs could be scanned and saved as digital scans on a flash drive or on your computer.
  5. The photographs would be stored in acid-free containers. Older or less-stable photos would be given added attention. The originals can now be safely stored away, while the copies made from the digital files can be enjoyed.