Often times, a photographic print is "one of a kind." Maybe your grandmother snapped a picture of you as a baby, developed it at the drug store and had a print made. That may be the last and only example of this priceless image. Photographic prints are sensitive to light and humidity; some conditions can cause your photos to fade or discolor. How do we try to prevent this from happening so that your pictures may be enjoyed for years to come?

The best method for preservation is to scan your pictures and negatives and create a digital copy from which unlimited duplicates can be made. Another benefit of digitization is that the original print (or negative) no longer needs to be handled to be enjoyed, which extends the life of the original. The original prints can now be placed in archival storage sleeves, scrapbooks, or folders, so they can be safely stored away to minimize environmental or physical damage which occurs to these sensitive items. Larger photographs benefit from a method known as "encapsulation," which protects the item in a completely safe and non-intrusive way.

Great Plains Heritage provides a full range of digitzation and archival services to protect your photographs. Also offered are skilled services in Photoshop, so that color adjustments (including colorization of black and white images) and other alterations can be performed with ease upon the digital images of your photographs. Let Great Plains Heritage help you protect and enjoy your precious mementos for years to come.